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To The Personal Attention of: President Obama



Subject: Because the President of the USA is a man of Action, I ask, "Where is President Obama's signature on this Petition?" Protect Babies and Mothers, Too.

An Open Letter to President Obama - Re: Patient's Bill of Rights and Children's Bill of Rights.

As a birth researcher, since 1998, I welcome the President of the United States of America, to please visit and sign this Important Petition, Protect Babies and Mothers, Too. Please reply to this need of care.

To qualify my research which has reviewed known harm to infants, weakening all who are subject to early umbilical cord clamping, I quote the proper procedure to this question given to Dr. William F. Windle, a long time ago, November 18-20, 1940, when he addressed The American Academy of Pediatrics, on a Round Table Discussion on Anemias of Infancy, which the early cord clamping is always a factor, "How long should clamping of the cord be delayed?" The response will be compared to a more recent Review of Susan J. McDonald, The Cochrane Collaboration, Published by John Wiley & Sons, Ltd., recent upload, 2/12/2010:

Dr. Windle * -"Until the pulsation has ceased, and until the placenta has separated from the uterus. It is not sufficient to wait only until pulsations have ceased, for then there is still more than half of the placenta blood in the placental circulation. Milking of the cord is, in most cases, probably unnecessary; we delayed oftentimes, five, six, or ten minutes, rarely more than ten minutes. That seems to be sufficient time for all, or the greater part, of the blood to flow naturally back to the child."

*Professor of Microscopic Anatomy, Northwestern University Medical School.

Another Question was "Is there any objection by the obstetricians to delay in clamping of the cord?

Dr. Windle -I have not heard any objection directly from obstetricians. It is not too much to expect them to wait a short period of time, ten or fifteen minutes . . ."

Another Question was "What difference is there in the blood picture in the premature and the full-term infant?

Dr. Windle ". . . It is important to emphasize again that the premature infant has more of its total blood in the placenta, that is, a larger proportion of it in the placental circuit, than does the infant at full term. Perhaps that was the reason that Engel, ten years ago, found that the premature infants whose cords were tied promptly at birth had a 50 per cent greater mortality than the premature infants whose cords were tied late."

Another Question was "How do you account for blood's being transferred to the fetus after the cord has stopped pulsating?"

Dr. Windle "Pressure by the contracting uterus forces the blood out of the placenta."

Dr Robert A. Strong, Department of Pediatrics, School of Medicine, Tulane University of Louisiana, New Orleans, stated what anemia is, to quote:

Strong - "Anemia means a deficiency of red blood cells as well as hemoglobin, and may result from various factors. Blood destruction is going on all the time, and if there is not adequate replacement, anemia results. Anything interfering with the balance between blood destruction and regeneration will lead to anemia. Early in neonatal life there is a drop because the blood factory is not functioning 100 per cent. As soon as hematopoiesis is well established, there is a rise in red cells and hemoglobin, to approach normal."

Strong is absolutely correct and this is all the more reason infants must have their created placenta blood of various nutrients of that whole blood. This may be even so if the mother is drugged during the birthing process, as is later revealed by Dr. George Malcolm Morley regarding his own daughter's C-section. The placenta blood has been created for that individual's child's needs and if not deprived the child will likely prevent any disposition to genetic disorders from ever happening, providing the infant has the proper nurturing after birth and nutrition.

The answers are true today, of what is visual, measurable, testable, and a reportable offense to the neonate group - if any one of the infants are not revived on the unclamped umbilical cord. The answers share why the full third stage of labor must be completed before any cord tying, clamping or cutting off the cord must be complete and that is the birth of the afterbirth, the placenta. The logic is what we can know of natural birth of the animals born in the wild with no assistance from man and do not have anyone to interfere with the natural processes by depriving the newborn creature of its due - full blood infusion.

Men and women in the professional fields simply have not been competently trained on the importance of the transfer of the placenta blood into the infant's expanding lungs while maintaining proper volume blood pressure to both sides of all cells. This is particularly true to the brain cells where the red cells carry oxygen to the brain cells, while also taking away waste products, like carbon dioxide.

The lack of truth in education has been inexcusable and this is in both private and public schools. Their failure in truth in the health and science books has resulted in miss-guidance of the practice and policies on this issue and the likely cause of most internal injuries to the human being. On the increase is Autism whose groups will not review the birth labor and afterbirth care to the infants. The testable anemia in the infants likely develops into behavior and learning problems.

The concerns are shared to the President of the United States because it is accepted that he has the most powerful influence, world wide. By sharing my concerns this might be considered 'whistle-blowing' on corrupted medical protocols and procedures that are also put into 9-1-1 Emergency Manuals and this is to be consistent with the now printed policies of practice in the institutions' management of a human birth.

Because the President understands of the need of a Medical Bill of Patient's Rights - to know the truth - these concerns may be timely for action which is prevention of causing weaker infants and for this to happen world wide.

All infants have a legal right to be born equal and I believe that may only be achieved by allowing each child to remain what I have coined, to be a 'biological and reciprocal sealed-unit", never clamped or cut from their umbilical cord. The blood infusion comes from their hopeline the quality of life-line, the umbilical cord. All revival for any impaired infant must then be on the untied umbilical cord. This is the legal right and choice of the natural parents - both of them. To protect their child they must be informed in truth. No infant should be subjected to medical exploitation for their blood and cells - not by a parent's waiver, or by the choice of the medical person or persons.

Please visit for more information on an infant's proper birthing care, this site:

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All the President's Aids must help, too. Therefore, this issue should not be lightly dismissed by any advisory group to the President, who has an influence on leaders of other nations, like Canada.

The following is numbered for the convenience of the reader for comments.

Duty of the Governments' Officials:

  1. It is the government's duty to prevent harm to newborn infants by (1) promoting truth in the medical sciences and (2) enforcing the criminal code of the land without bias toward those in high stations with the medical societies-especially when the rights of the newborns are being violated.

  2. At this time, the fact is that the U.S. (and Canada as well as most other nations) has deprived newborns-helpless citizens-of up to 60 percent of their total blood volume by instant or early clamping off the umbilical cord. This procedure prevents the placenta blood from reaching the newborn. The highest risk factor is to the infant's brain. Not only has the U.S. condoned this fraudulent medical practice, it has allowed financial enrichment to third parties interested in the harvested blood (including stem cells). Because this procedure is performed to the detriment of newborns' health (causing anemic conditions and necessitating costly resuscitation procedures)-this is a breach of trust to society and those responsible are guilty of a moral and criminal offense against newborns. This practice of imposing cord tying can be traced back to 1801. And ever since, uninformed, trusting parents have been totally helpless to stop this practice. Whose child this hasty clamping is imposed on is selective and discretionary. The choice is often for the time convenience of the medical person or persons aiding in the infant or infants after birth care.

  3. There are past medical manuscripts that are supportive of the fact that instant umbilical cord clamping (ICC) as well as early umbilical cord clamping before the placenta is birthed weakens the infant, producing a wide range of adverse effects. The changes to the infant are internal and are often latent in discovery. Other Nations are doing like-wise the following of the United States allowance for seeking the newborn's blood for practical use, and this is including Canada. This is contrary to known Medical-Truths and weakens the infants who are being exploited for their deprived placenta blood.

  4. Who May Legally Donate their Blood?:

  5. Existing medical guidelines stipulate that only individuals aged 17 years and older (weighing 110 pounds or more) and tested and found in good health can legally donate their human cells to others. When donating organs and/or transplantable tissue, the donor and or their surrogate authority must understand any and all risks involved prior to giving informed consent. Obviously, infants do not qualify as donors.

  6. While surrogate authority or parental approval could be obtained by a Court Order, such litigation would put the infant in harm's way causing the infant to (1) undergo a blood testable anemic condition (lasting for many months according to the Policy #71, SOGC, December 1998) and (2) experience an overall weakened health status due to reduced counts of red cells and stem cells. The infant's present health and future health and means to compete would be compromised.

  7. Medical research has consistently reported the fact the more blood allowed to be infused in a newborn the better the newborn's health outcomes. It is logical the more blood the stronger is the infant. The government should have been aware of such medical research and intervened long ago when health practitioners started placing hospital profits received from sales of placenta blood at a higher priority than the health concerns of the newborn. This is always a local issue.

  8. When Should the Umbilical Cord be Clamped and then Cut?:

  9. Honest medical research indicates there are only two reasons for clamping and cutting the umbilical cord: (1) the cord has torn due to accidentally dropping the baby or (2) a knife accidentally cut the umbilical cord or the placenta. Due diligence was owed the infant. All other reasons alleged for early cord clamping are based in fear factors, not facts of the current birth situation. Every child birthed has the legal right to be wrapped head to toe to be kept warm after his or her birth and to be revived on an uncompressed umbilical cord as the first priority. These are reasonable and logical standards of care that are known or should be known by all health advisors.

  10. Appropriate Prevention of Blood Infections if a Cosmetic Operative Procedure is Consented To:

  11. This duty of proper care to the newborn citizens is a duty of any World Wide Ambulance Dispatchers and their training. Such persons, if not properly trained, may be giving out information on an Emergency Birth, directing umbilical cord tying. Any cosmetic umbilical cord tying must be done in an environment that prevents the risk of cross contamination and with the risk factors informed to the mother and/or father of the infant for their consent if they wish to prevent any cosmetic cord tying or amputation of their child from the child's placenta.

  12. The persons must have clean or washed hands or the means to use sanitation chemicals or to put on sterilized gloves. The umbilical cord must be wiped off before the cord tying is allowed and with the use of a sterilized string or cord followed with a sterilized cutting tool. To do otherwise risks the mother and the infant or infants to possible serious health consequences. This is a blood infection which was warned about prior to 1865 by two doctors. These were Dr. Oliver Wendell Holmes, 1843, "The Contagiousness of Puerperal Fever" and Dr. Ignaz Phillpp Semmelweis, 1860, "The Etiology, Concept and Prophylaxis of Childbirth Fever." Simply put, these two publications warned about blood infections spread or caused to enter the blood stream by the medical aid persons attending a child's after birth care. Today, there is no good excuse for lack of due diligence of care in any care given to the mother or to the infant.

  13. Cord Blood Banks - The Fastest Growing Industry on a World Wide Scale:

  14. The USA is believed to operate the World's Largest Cord Blood Banks who are directly or indirectly connected to the harvesting of the childrens' placenta blood. The placentas are engorged with the to-be-stolen and deprived blood that was essential to prevent the babies from a tested blood disorder, Anemia. Medically defined that is too few red cells. Red cells are important to carry oxygen to all cells and to also carry away waste gases, such as, the carbon dioxide. This low red cell count is not related to anemia of an inherited disorder. This anemia is medically caused and knowingly so by the State, Province, or Territory's allowance in harvesting the infant's whole placenta blood by early umbilical cord clamping.

  15. Criminal Codes and the Constitution to Protect the Individual's Rights for Equal Security of Person (Property Rights) and Equal Protection (States Police Means of Investigation):

  16. These local medical services that are seeking of a minor's cells, I alleged, are criminally abusing the infants. The organized medical excuse is stated to be in the allowance of a variety of medical publications, peer reviewed, and adopted by a variety of self-governing medical colleges.

  17. Such medical societies and their colleges were originally set up to protect the public, at large, from incompetence of their licensed members. This reduces health care costs. The colleges, in being self-governing, were to set up the highest standards for the protection of the public, at large.

  18. These colleges and their various committees had the best means of directing their members according to known truths in medicine, science and the law. This is known to be what is visual, testable and measurable harmful consequences to any person. Therefore, on weakening any infant by early umbilical cord compression has no-good excuse to be continuously allowed in our society.

  19. Our alleged democratic society was considered to be protective to the individual's rights by both the criminal laws and by the Constitution or by a Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Most nations have established these rights and many do not discriminate by the person's age, sex, mental or physical disadvantage, their blood type by color or race or a mixed race, or by the family's belief or religion. It is the enforcement of such equal protection to the individual that is so frequently lacking and this includes for those of us living in North America.

  20. Increase of Autism(s):

  21. The anemia likely results in the increase of the variety of serious to subtle forms of Autism(s). The autisms have increased from one child in thirty-thousand, since the 1930's, to be now one child in 150*. What these children will likely found to have in common at birth is early umbilical cord clamping. (* World Book Encyclopedia, Autism, p.913-914, 1979, A, Volume 1, ISBN 0-7166-0079-X).

  22. This could be all prevented if a Bill of Patient's Rights allowed for truth in Education of the importance of the child to receive all his or her own placenta blood. This has stem cells in the whole blood and variety of immunities and nutrients of a personal importance to the infant or infants, if the birth is a multiple birth. This placenta blood is a private property rights owed to the infants. The infant's blood is not a community resource or a waste product. The infant must not be exploited by his or her natural parents or by other members of our society, including the medical groups.

  23. Autism - Evidence of Medical Error:

  24. To support this view of autism being linked in early umbilical cord clamping I am quoting the concerns of Eileen Nicole Simon, PhD, RN, from this source document: doi:10.1588/medver.2008.05.00300, to quote, from the article, "Autism: evidence of error? Published by Medical Veritas.

  25. Email:

  26. Eileen's Website:

  27. I have personal knowledge by communicating with Eileen that she had two children with the mysterious autistic disorders. She now links a contributing cause to early umbilical cord clamping and Eileen like other birthing mothers could not prevent.

  28. Eileen had other children and one was an accidental birth. It is this child who is now the most educated of her family and could learn with the greatest of ease. This accidental birth allowed the child to thrive. This no harm to the infant not cord compressed was noted back in 1957 by Dr. Mavis Gunther that when there is no one there to impose the clamp or cut the umbilical cord the baby thrives. Such cosmetic rituals may be done after the completion of the birth - the placenta is birthed and all pulsation has ceased in the umbilical cord.

  29. One of Eileen's autistic children has died. His death, at the age of 31, was believed caused by miss-management of his medications while living in a group home.

  30. Rather than to bother herself in a lengthy civil legal battle, Eileen has spent her time sharing research to those who will listen and learn that early umbilical cord clamping risks impairing the child.

  31. Eileen's other autistic child has difficulties in living by the rules of our society. He forgets and/or does not understand, completely, that the family or societies' rules are there for our protection or another's right of protection - to their person or to their private property.

  32. To quote Eileen's opening statement of her document:

  33. "The obstetric clamp was introduced in 1912 with explicit instructions to apply it only after all pulsation in the umbilical cord had ceased . . . Clamping the umbilical cord while it is still pulsating disrupts continuing postnatal circulation from infant to and from the placenta. This may cause a lapse in respiration, with impairments (or clear-cut damage) of nuclei in the brainstem auditory pathway. Injury of auditory nuclei in the midbrain causes loss of speech comprehension. Perinatal injury of this midbrain area should be investigated as a possible cause of development language disorders."

  34. Lack of Cooperation of the Autism Support Groups:

  35. It is interesting that in my own personal contact with the many private and nonprofit autism groups, both in the U.S.A. and Canada, they have all absolutely refuse to ask any of their members this one question, "Do either of the natural parents know when their infant's umbilical cord was clamped off?"

  36. Most of the parents who have autistic children cannot answer this question. This proves that they, too, never had informed choices of the risk factors involved in causing a medical anemic condition and the interruption of oxygenated blood to the brain cells, and the central nervous system. Or they had believed it was a safe practice to do this interruption in order to send their child's placenta blood to any one of the cord blood banks offering storage services of stem cells. Or to donate their child's placenta blood and cord blood to a public blood bank. This choice is being caused by miss-leading promotions currently on-going on the internet or other means of advertising. The brochures with insufficient information are often available in a doctor's office who aids or intends to aid in a child's afterbirth care.

  37. This also proves lack of truth in the public and private schools of the importance of the placenta blood to infuse into the infant's expanding lungs. The information is yet being willfully blocked in the health and science courses on reproduction and how to birth a healthy infant.

  38. Those responsible for any changes are the employees or the appointed committees of the local, State, Provincial, or Territory Governments. This concern includes the health and science textbooks that were and are being presently approved by some Biology teachers as to their committee heads. Some of the decisions are a State control of mandatory subjects and textbooks, while other education resource materials and their selections are discretionary.

  39. Most of these professional groups are not approachable with ease, even for the elected positions. And even more difficulty is there if the person is politically appointed with an agenda they must keep in order to maintain their income and/or their position with the government or its governing agencies.

  40. One example of the State's involvement are the appointed political positions for the government's approval of Regional Health Board Directors.

  41. A stakeholder's interest may also be a conflict of interest in perks allowed in choice of materials, involving shares in private corporations who have an interest in education materials or various publications.

  42. We ought to be reminded that there are no profits in good health, but there are profits to be gained to regain one's health. The best cure, however, is always prevention.

  43. Civil Actions Outside of a Public or Commissioned Inquiry:

  44. What most of the autistic groups members attempted to do was seek financial compensation from the drug companies, in civil law suits. Few have been successful. Their complaint to the drug manufacturer was for putting and not informing the public, at large, of the risk factors that a heavy metal, mercury, in many of the vaccines knowingly puts the young children to risks. The parents had just cause to state mercury was a contributing factor to their child now having a form of learning and behavior problems.

  45. In some cases, even before their infants were vaccinated, many of their children had already symptoms that something was wrong with their infant, while they looked, physically, normal. The facts were not all children had been vaccinated who now have autism.

  46. What is common will be there has been no review of their child's after birth care. This is because the early clamping was imposed as an element of surprise and the parents do not know what happened following the child's birth.

  47. Objective Witnessing of the Child's Birth is Often Denied:

  48. These parents of an impaired infant likely had no witnesses for the protection of the child's after birth care. Generally, no mirrors are put up for the mother to see how the child is being cared for as the child emerges from her body.

  49. While birth ought to be natural and the medical person there just as an aid, just in case the mother requests help, the fact is, most hospitals will block the legal right to video the birth to its completion, or have another observing as a witness for the mother's and child's protection.

  50. If the father is present, his view, too, is blocked by sheets, so he, too, cannot observe the hands of the medical person(s) and what they are doing to the child or and their after birth care. One father, who had participated in the cord cutting, after the umbilical cord was already tied off or clamped off, gave this comment, "Gee, the cord is pulsating!" Did he note if the cord was red, firm, while yet pulsating? This indicates the umbilical cord was early clamped off.

  51. A common comment of the mothers has been that their children were removed from their body rather quickly. That means the child is amputated from his or her umbilical cord, and the cord clamping is the first procedure of that operative procedure. Often the child is taken away for revival rather than be revived on the unclamped umbilical cord.

  52. The Apgar Score - The Infant's First Test:

  53. The reliability of the Apgar Score is questionable for the variety of standards of when the test is first done and if the cord was already clamped when the testing is done. The two frequent testing scores are commonly at one minute after the child's birth or at five minutes after the child's birth. There is confusion or no information written on the most children's charts, how soon the cord was clamped off, tied off, or if finger-thumb cord compression was performed on the infant. Generally speaking, the five minute test scores show often an improved outcome, but was it the first score? If not, what would have been the test score at one minute if the child had been clamped off the cord instantly, or quickly, at 30-seconds, as is often noted for C-section births, and often for a premature child's delivery. The Vaginal Birthed children do not fair much better then do the C-sectioned infants on this question, "When was the Apgar score done, before or after the cord clamping, and that time period?"

  54. Reducing a Child's Fair Chance of Competition in the Future:

  55. The early clamping of the infant's hopeline and risks reducing the child's quality in life is a medical policy of protocols. Any child that is sent to revival is always going to have a slower start in life, or often has the most difficulties in the academics or how soon they learn and with ease. The standard of care is one standard - do no harm. This must be the priority of care provided by a trained and certified medical person and to be set in the local community.

  56. This is one common error of the medical society that most all the infants with some form of internal impairments, like the anemia, were instantly umbilical cord clamped and this is often a time convenience of the medical persons.

  57. Such children so early clamped will be the most vulnerable ones to now have some form of autism(s) today. They look, apparently, normal. But is that the evidence of 'do no harm?'

  58. The children may have other internal disorders, like with testing, have some evidence of low or missing enzymes that would have possibly prevented any predisposition of the family genes to gravitate to the autistic disorder which is now stated to be inherited, in some instances.

  59. The infant may have missing growth hormones, slowing down their growth.

  60. Such enzymes or hormones missing of such low quantity were likely to be found in the whole blood that was trapped in the placenta, and sold for profits by those with a stakeholder's interest in blood properties.

  61. Not all autistic children have the alleged impaired genes that are now being connected with the autism that has increased, steadily, since the 1930's when early clamping was noted for causing the medical caused anemia. This anemia was stated and known back in 1940 in an Anemia report by Dr. William F. Windle.

  62. When parents of an autistic child learn they have a genetic disorder they often stop a review of the birth procedures and the afterbirth care, or even their own lifestyles prior to the natural parents conceiving their love-child.

  63. Prevention - Is Worth More than An Ounce of Cure - Stop the Medically Caused Anemia:

  64. This medical concern of the doctor's choice of imposing early umbilical cord clamping then needs a review of the one common factor or a contributing fact, low red cells, anemia. This is a simple test to do soon after the child is born if a victim is early clamped before being wrapped and the placenta was birthed. The low red cells may have been the link, if the child was known to be anemic, soon after his or her birth. This will be the common link likely found in all the autistic children.

  65. Some of these early clamped infants, even as adults, may be yet tested and found to be anemic. I believe that once this condition was caused at birth, and this is not an inherited disorder, few red cells, they will be prone to anemia, at least during their growing years.

  66. Heavy Metals Used in Vaccines and Number of Vaccinations Given to Children Under One Year Old:

  67. I do not approve, personally, any form of heavy metals like mercury to be added to medical vaccinations or medical creams or medications.

  68. I do not approve of so many vaccinations given to USA or Canadian children. There are alleged 26 vaccinations* that are being injected into the infants before school age and often before the child is even one year old. To my understanding, wiser Nations do not inject their youth under one year of age with so many vaccinations. One reference stating 28 vaccinations before the child is 12-months old, many of them a repeat of some previous vaccines, can be found at this link: You: Having a Baby, Dr. Mehmet C. Oz, M.D., and M. F.Roizen, M.D. Page. 404 The url is as follows:

  69. * Comments by Donna Young: References of the 26 vaccines are to be forth coming, after publication. One example of six of these alleged 26 vaccinations given in one day is on-line, the Allan Yurko case-law.

  70. Some of the infant Yurko injections were alleged hot, that is, with mercury in the vaccine, and live viruses, and some of the shots given may have been for an adult size, not a yet child who was premature at birth. The child died. The father went to jail for being alleged to have shaken his child. He said, "No" he did not do that. The child at birth was premature and was believed instantly umbilical cord clamped. There were no tests of the child being yet anemic when he was injected with six vaccines, to my knowledge. No criminal charges have been taken to those responsible for the six (6) separate injections and for not confirming whether or not the child was anemic or in good health. Why not? Is there a time limit for taking, yet, criminal charges for those most responsible for this child's medical care? Specifically to be questioned would be the confirmation of the instant umbilical cord clamping. This is frequently done for premature infants, see the 30 second and instant cord clamping infant experiment of Judith S. Mercer. In this approved experiments of time of cord clamping for premature children, three of the infants died in the alleged instant cord clamping group. These children of the ICC group were being compared with premature children only given 30-seconds on the unclamped cord. That is not sufficient to prevent brain, lung or other internal injury to full term or premature infants. Therefore, did the Yurko baby have his blood tested for a yet possible anemic condition at the time he was to be injected with six vaccines, on one day? Was there lack of due diligence of care owed to the infant by failure to test for anemia before vaccinations? After the child was admitted for complications, was he tested for any heavy metals in his brain cells and other tissues, which would be from a contributing factor of the various vaccines the child was given - six at one time, all separate injections? The question the public must be asked is, "How could the natural mother sit and watch her child injected six times, knowing he was a premature child? This indicates lack of awareness of the potential hazards and what to check for - anemia before vaccines are routinely be given babies.

  71. Medical persons ought to be competent in their medical practice as ignorance is no defense to a certified person - implied to nurses doing the injections at public health centers or in the doctors office, or the doctors themselves. They ought to know of the risk taking in early umbilical cord clamping causing the anemia, testable soon after the child's birth, and that months later the child can be found yet anemic. (Reference of fact: Policy #71, December 1998, SOGC). All chemists working for the drug corporations know or ought to know of the danger of adding a heavy metal, mercury, to go directly into a infant's blood circulation system, along with the viruses they are attempt to immune the child's system, too. The chemists must know of those who would be the most vulnerable to be the least able to expel such toxins, those most weak - the young and the senior citizens.

  72. What has happened, in my opinion, for the known information and the means of prevention, has been a medical crime, at least a moral crime, which was being permitted by all levels of government officials. And, I long to see them punished for what they are doing to the future generations of North America.

  73. Heavy Health Burden and Special Education Costs to the Tax Payers:

  74. The offense to the individual, mainly the child who cannot protect itself, is surely a financial attack to increase medical costs and special education costs. This is a heavy burden to the tax payers. Generally, it is the property tax payers carrying the greatest financial burdens to help the 'special' children in their area.

  75. The violated children must be managed and appropriately looked after if not by their natural parents, then by the community. A child's care is a shared duty to the family of the victimized children.

  76. Some families have more than one child now a victim with unknown causes for their disadvantageous. The duty is to review the child's prenatal care and the child's after birth care.

  77. The doctors are not all at fault, but many are contributors for their silence on not reporting harmful birth trends or protocols. Contributing factors may be lack of truth in education leading to poorly chosen lifestyles of the natural parents. Many with weakened children were smoking parents, or one of them; or one or both had used street drugs, or may have used prescribed and legal drugs. One or both parents had chosen a poor diet and this is not related to poverty. Any or all of these risk factors will be contributing factors to the internally weakened children.

  1. In addition, those who have the most power in known truth (what is visual, testable, and measurable) have no-good excuse for what they can or could prevent in the birth room. This is because the early umbilical cord clamping is the medical aid's own choice.

  2. Some of the ethical and better trained medical persons have refused to report the false teachings knowingly being done by some the medical instructors, in their local area, or what they are not informing the patient in order to give true informed consent for prevention. Example, most, if not all, instructions in the local Prenatal Classes Courses leave out the intentions or likely intentions of the medical birth person to impose early umbilical cord clamping. They also leave out the mother's right to know she may have a signed Birth Contract to stop this - before it is imposed as a discretional choice of the medical person/s).

  3. At one time, the Registered Nurses taught the prenatal classes. Today, the Government has sent their employees, often an inexperienced Social Worker, to be the leader and the instructor of the prenatal classes. These social workers are deemed a threat to the women, suggesting, if they do not abide by the course material, the Social Workers may pick up the child soon after his or her birth. The R.N.s and the Social Workers are being governed and controlled by the State, Province or Territories policies of what may be said, or left out. Often an audit of these provided State Women's Child Birth Courses by an older and experienced woman, who has experienced birth, are objected to or blocked on what is missing to the inexperienced and expecting mothers. This is true to publications on birth that doctors led in the telling of their new expecting patients to avoid talking to experienced women, even their own mothers, and to not be educated how the baby will be born, but to read poetry, instead*. The ignorance of the actual birth was to the expecting fathers, as well. Ignorance was deemed blest. This allowed total control over the birthing process with the least objections. (*The Home Physician and Guide to Health, Vol. II, 1935, Canadian Watchman Press, Oshawa, Ontario).

  4. This silence is allowing the poorly trained medical persons to put another child to known risks - to be a weaker child because of the imposed early compression on the umbilical cord's means to infuse the placenta blood into the child's expanding lungs. And, while this infusion is happening there is constant proper volume and pressure of the blood to the heart, to the brain cells, and, again, to all cells inside the infant.

  5. These medical persons do know the child does not die - but becomes the weakened child. The child may be so weakened that it may die, hours, weeks, or even months later after the insult. (The date known of causing a weaker child is since 1801, a published fact by Dr. Erasmus Darwin).

  6. Some of the questionable teachers, or instructors include the authors and the publishers in the variety of medical journals which are peer reviewed before publication. This includes instructions on the infant's birthing processes by the local science and biology teachers. Some of these textbooks used in the public schools are paid by the taxpayers and others with misleading data are paid for by the students. The information given to a student does not usually state the instructions are not to be taken as a standard of care.

  7. The information given to the student is then thought to be correct and is then expected to be accepted and followed as a standard of care, coming from an expert advisor or a committee that approved the selected resource material. Sometimes the opinions were written as a means of a defense if the human experiment is to be followed by others or used in medical instructions.

  8. One example in Advanced Education to the medical student, teaching immediate cord clamping as a discipline of instructions can be found in a book used by physicians preparing for board certification exams, Turrentine JE. Clinical Protocols in Obstetrics and Gynecology, Second Edition. The Parthenon Publishing Group, Boca Raton, London, New York, Washington DC, 2003.

  9. The medical professional group by Committee Opinion is credited to ACOG, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, Opinion No. 348, November 2006, to quote:

  10. "Immediately after the delivery of the neonate, a segment of umbilical cord should be double-clamped, divided, and placed on the delivery table pending assignment of the 5-minute Apgar score."

  11. This Opinion is consistent with ACOG's previous Bulletin #216, November 1995. Such opinions of this high profile group, is promoted world wide, and influenced Canada's professional group, the Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists of Canada (SOGC).

  12. SOGC has two policies, on compressing off the pulsating umbilical cord. Policy #71, December 1998, encouraged early cord clamping, knowing that up to 50 percent placenta blood was deprived the infant, and that anemia was yet present, months later.

  13. SOGC, knowing of the anemic conditions, then followed and used Bulletin #216 of their American colleagues, to up the umbilical cord clamping to instant umbilical cord clamping. This was in Policy #89, May 2000.

  14. Serious impairments to infants have civil actions taken for compensation in the raising of compromised children. In Canada, for cord compression, these two case-laws are on line: Chow-case-law and the Ing-case-law. Both cases were managed by Sommers and Roth, Ontario Canada. The Chow boy had instant cord clamping and late return of whole blood. The Ing boy had cord compression by the use of mid-forceps.

  15. When human medical experiments on the timing of the cord clamping are written about, never are the civil court awards for known impaired children referred to as a warning of impairing the children by cord compression before the cutting off the umbilical cord.

  16. The umbilical cord compression is always the choice of the medical persons and it may be done deliberately from 10 to 20 seconds for student demonstration purposes, before the cord is released to allow the child to return to normal blood infusion.

  17. This method of teaching is finger-thumb squeezing off the umbilical cord. (Reference is George Malcolm Morley's publication, Old News Ignored at Great Cost, and Used with Great Benefit, Last reviewed 10/15/2008, To quote the evidence that for even for a C-section birth there needs never to be done instant umbilical cord clamping, to quote GMM:

  18. "Last week (February 8, 2008) I had the good fortune of putting Ladau's experience into practice. My daughter was scheduled for an elective term C-section for a breech presentation.

  19. "I gave the operating obstetrician a summary of the risks of elective cesarean section (PPH, IRDS, autism and the risks of ICC (Infant anemia, mental retardation, autism, neural and behavioral disorders. The obstetrician readily agreed to my suggestions that:

  20. * IV oxytocin would be started one hour ahead of the operation to develop the lower uterine segment and ensure uterine contractility after delivery for effecting placental transfusion.

  21. * The newborn would be lowered below the level of the placenta immediately after delivery.

  22. * The cord would not be clamped until the child was crying and until all pulsation in the cord ceased.

  23. "All these requests were complied with, the child was crying within a minute; the placenta separated and was spontaneously delivered prior to the cord being clamped. My granddaughter received a full PPT and reflexively clamped her own cord. The child was red, vigorous and plethoric, and at no risk for anemia, or respiratory, neural, mental or developmental disorders."

  24. Note: I, Donna Young, as a birth researcher, do not agree with Doctor Morley's next suggestion for demonstrating the dangers of ICC, Instant Cord Clamping by actually compressing off the cord for 10 to 20 seconds, before the child is breathing on his/or her own. The facts are GMM would not do the risk-taking experiment on his own grandchild's birthing process. He likely wanted no risk factors taken on his grandchild but wanted everything internally not to be impaired. My concern is on GMM's suggestion for others or students to see a finger-thumb squeezing off the cord, to quote GMM:

  25. "Deliver several babies with a scalp FHR lead attached to record the heart rate while the cord is immediately clamped between finger and thumb. If the child does not breathe, the heart rate will plummet to 60 bpm due to hypoxia and loss of venous return to the heart; there may be brief cardiac arrest. Severe bradycardia and neonatal distress releases the finger and thumb within 10-20 seconds and PPT rapidly restores normality to the monitor, the newborn and apprehensive observers."

  26. "A dozen or so documented, (videotaped) instances of this ICC-induced near calamity, and its recovery with PPT, should convince enlightened authorities (RCOG, ACOG, NICE) that, after birth, "There is good reason . . . to keep the umbilical circulation intact . . . in civilized countries."

  27. GMM gave 9 qualified references that included, Levine E; Landau D; Peltonen T; Linderkamp O; Lozoff B. et al; Ultee C. et al; Glasson EJ. Et al; Gunther M, and himself - letter to Obstetrics & Gynecology, Vol. 97, No. 6, June 2001 1025-1026).

  28. I, Donna Young, as a birth research, comment on the dangers of the 10-20 second finger-thumb squeezing off the inflow of blood because T. Peltonen's article, Transfusion, Advantage - Disadvantage, Eur J Pediatr. 1981;137:141-146, stated the infant's heart is caused to shrink when the blood circulation is being compressed off. The risks to the child was already known in a film, First Breath.

  29. Heart Injury Risks: The risk taking for cord compression being the choice of the medical person's is that neonate's heart may not go back to the fetal size after the constant blood flow and proper blood pressure and volume had been even temporarily compressed. Then when the circulation is restored, by releasing the fingers, the restored blood flow may be so sudden and harsh particularly with the gravity influence, the child held below the placenta that the child may be caused heart valve problems. This may lead to heart murmurs that are often undetected for many years, even to 30 years later. But we do hear of some children dying in sports, and they seemed so healthy - but they had an unknown heart murmur.

  30. Blue Babies: The low blood pressure and volume of blood in the heart muscle may be the cause or a contributing cause to blue babies. This may happen after instant cord clamping and the child is permanently deprived the proper volume and pressure of blood into the heart by causing low blood volume and then the by-pass windows of the fetus circulation may not close. These by-pass windows will close with the proper pressure and volume in the heart and when the baby is fully switched over from the fetus circulation to the adult circulation - the lungs with proper blood into their expanding cells, to now do the gas exchanges. The placenta formerly did that gas exchange as long as it was in attached in the womb and had the infant's blood in it. This may lead to the cause of blue - babies. If they are operated on to close the holes in the heart, they may die. (See Heart Operations on line in Winnipeg, Manitoba, of infant's deaths regarding heart operations).

  31. Dangers of Using Oxytocin: The oxytocin that is often given the mother while the infant is yet being born may pull the placenta prematurely from her womb and this will impair the oxygen and carbon dioxide gas exchange to the needs of the fetus. When the completion of the birth, the normal and natural expelling of the placenta takes from 12 to 20 minutes, all births different, we must question the doctors claiming they are using this man-made drug for the benefit of the mother and not using it to rush the third stage of labor as a time convenience to a busy staff or busy doctor.

  32. The World Health Organization WHO: In their review of the umbilical cord, 1998, they had dictated mandatary instant cord clamping to all infants whose mothers had been given this drug, Oxytocin. Yet, we read that this drug was used in a C-section procedure for GMM's daughter and he refused to allow his daughter's surgeon to impose ICC on his grandchild.

  33. GMM reports no ill side effects for not clamping off the umbilical cord instantly. The evidence of fact, according to GMM, was a healthy child receiving all her placenta blood infusion, using gravity. This was regardless of the known medications given for a C-section birth. So the logic is, the more blood, the better off is the child and to avoid the risk of causing anemia of too low of red cells. The logic is there, too, the more red cells allows for more oxygen to dispel harmful side effects of labor medications. In these areas of logic, I support GMM.

  34. Risk Factors Known by Imposing no Consented to Umbilical Cord Compression: The finger-thumb squeezing is the human being's choice, and not that of cord compression that may occur, accidentally, as the baby is passing through the birth canal. The finger-thumb squeezing closes off the natural flow of placenta blood infusion into all muscles, the heart, and the brain and to the central nervous system. The brain and central nervous system cells may be injured for the life of the child. This cord compression is not an informed choice by a loving parent. The parents would be caused an apprehensive state to know this experiment was to be done to their child without their means to prevent the experiment from happening, at all. In my own opinion, even if the child recovers, it is medical child abuse and putting the child in danger of subtle to serious internal harm.

  35. A Moratorium Order - This is a Duty of the Governments to Stop False Medical Instructions:

  36. The only option to stop human experiments or wrongful protocols from being part of medical instructions is to have those who are involved in such misleading publications is to have them all called before a Senator or other means of a Commissioned Public Inquiry.

  37. In Canada, the spokesperson for the Canadian Medical Council would have to give an accounting of the examination questions to the first year of residency medical students. They are examined on sections regarding internal medicine, surgery, family medicine, clinical decision making and ethical and legal issues. Surely, the seeking of human cells from the infant's placenta and cord would be an issue of informed consent of both natural parents. If not, why not?

  38. Each university is rated, first to last, on the competency of their medical students. For example, in Canada, the first time of keeping CMC's keeping tract from 1992, the University of Alberta placed first, among 17 medical schools.

  39. Who is in charge of examination of medical students in the U.S.A. ? And what organization of the other nations, who influence policies on immediate cord clamping, test their medical students, who influence the midwives, or the 9-1-1 Emergency Dispatchers, or the Emergency Manuals used by the First Responders - police, firemen and medics who may help in an emergency birth situation?

  40. The Governments, Provincial, State, or Territorial, have the legal means of putting a Moratorium on the early umbilical clamping rather then the duty of all medical persons to know how to revive for any difficult birth on the untied umbilical cord, with oxygen masks to fit the infant, or how to give resuscitation on the unclamped cord.

  41. The Governments, as said, all have the authority to do criminal investigation and the laying of the charges against all self-governing medical groups and their Councils for causing a Common Nuisance, as the example of Section 180, of the Canadian Criminal Code and other Sections that put a minor, a newborn citizen in harms way.

  42. At the present time, Colleges, Academies, Societies, Associations, on this issue of allowing interruption of the inflow of the infant's placenta blood, is yet being encouraged - the elected officials have not investigated these societies by their means to do so. However, the alleged false medical directives and allowance for them are without the means of the birthing mother or the natural father to be informed in truth of the dangers in order to stop the offense being imposed on any one of their infants.

  43. These control groups, large in number, are involved, directly or indirectly, for only the doctors' own discretion to impose discrepancies of the early cord compression. The intent is to allow for no true informed consent and the right for the legal guardians, both the parents, to reject this method of after birth care to their infant.

  44. In Canada, by the Criminal Codes of Canada, the child is to be protected during the birthing process and the Code specifically states whether the child is on or off the umbilical cord. This is because sometimes the child, during his/or her birth becomes accidentally detached from the cord, should they become a dropped child. They are to be quickly assisted to their essentials of life and this is true even if a knife went into the cord or the placenta.

  45. One Standard of Care - Do No Harm:

  46. The standard of care is doing no harm. When an issue gets into the criminal or civil court, the evidence for this one standard of care is spoken to and judged.

  47. It is natural that every infant must be allowed revival on the uncompressed umbilical cord for the means of the child to get their placenta blood into their own body and that this placenta blood is not taken for another's cause. Another's cause may be the intentional and premeditated seeking the placenta blood by the fastest cord clamping possible in order to give this placenta blood to another's cause. The giving of the newborn's placenta blood may be to an older sibling, or to an ailing mother or father or friend or other relative of the family.

  48. Regardless, to whom is receiving the infant's deprived placenta blood, knowing it would not kill the child the early clamping was weakening the child by testable evidence. This is the anemia - the fewer red cells missing inside his or her body. They would have been there, otherwise, if the clamping tool had not been used, so quickly.

  49. Missing, too, are other nutrients of the whole blood, enzymes, for one example, or speciality hormones, per the sex of the child, are fewer in quantity. The afterbirth care may be inferior for the child to regain his or her health. The neonate may be slower at recreation of new blood cells, both of the red or white cell variety. Dr. W. F. Windle stated that the baby's means to reproduce the blood cells is yet compromised and may take days, weeks or months to be fully developed. ICC starts the life of the child to be very vulnerable in a medically caused anemic condition.

  50. The weakened infant by a medically caused anemic condition may never have full immunities of what was in the quantity of the whole blood that was then trapped in both the placenta and the umbilical cord.

  51. This placenta blood was not a waste product or extra blood as it naturally would have been inside the baby if man did not stop this. The seeking of this blood can never have been allowed in any law of man for it was exploiting the infant's right of equal security of person and equal protection of the existing Nation's laws.

  52. Who is Accountable to Pay for Past Medical Mistakes in Seeking the Blood from a Minor?:

  53. How do we penalize those who have made medical mistakes in the past? That is a future decision. The decision rightfully belongs to a Court's ruling. The problem is having the concern brought to the proper Court.

  54. I can give suggestions, for those found negligent of known truths and duty not to impose any risk factors to the minor group, the newborn infants. They are citizens and for violation to their rights, property rights sought and sold with known internal weakness to the child would be to impose a duty for local community services. The services would be price-valued to lower the cost to the general property tax payer is one method of payback.

  55. There can be monetary penalties. This would be a fine to be required paid by the College, Corporation or other legal identity. Those responsible for encouraging the blood of the minor to be sought and practically used, or even the amount not disclosed on the child's own medical chart that was poured down the drain. The child is violated whether or not his or her blood is actually wasted down the drain or practically used, as was known back in the late 1930's. In that time period from 50 ccs to over 200 ccs of the placenta blood was being sent, and knowingly too, to private and public blood banks. The truth of this information is according to Dr. William F. Windle and other's research and studies. This was on Dr. Windle's 1940 report and concern of medically caused anemia in the youth of that time period - the war years.

  56. Other doctors mentioned in this report, who either collaborated with Dr. W. F. Windle or were concerned about medically caused anemia, were Dr. DeMarsh, and Dr. Alt (p.545. Round Table Discussion on Anemias of Infancy). To quote their research results:

  57. " In twenty-five infants the cords were not clamped until the placentas had separated from the uteri. This usually occurred within ten minutes after delivery. It was found that the baby received an additional amount of blood between the time the cord stopped pulsating and the time the uterus contracted firmly, with separation of the placenta. This was measured in ten instances and was found to average 62 c.c. Only a few cubic centimeters of blood at best can be obtained from the umbilical cord after separation of the placenta. In fact, we were unable to draw enough blood from a number of the cords to give adequate determination of hemoglobin and corpuscles."

  58. These twenty-five infants of proper physiology after birth care were compared to another twenty-five infants who were subjected to human experiments of 30-second umbilical cord clamping, or as soon as possible clamping after the child's birth. To quote the differences and weakened infants, page 545-546:

  59. "Henceforth, throughout the week the infants whose cords were clamped immediately had significantly lowered corpuscle and hemoglobin values than those whose cords were clamped late."

  60. In conclusion of the evidence both in logic and in medical facts of science, these doctors and others, concluded with this statement to quote:

  61. ". . . we believe that the rather common practice of promptly clamping the cord at birth should be condemned. Of course, this will make it impossible to salvage placental blood for "blood banks."

  62. Time Bomb - Who lit the fuse?:

  63. An educator, Joseph Chilton Pearce, was concerned of some of the decreased intelligence of school children and the need of special educators. He was aware of the concern and research of Dr. W. F. Windle and others, to quote him, now years later, in a publication, Scientific American, 1969:

  64. "{Our experiments} have taught us that birth asphyxia lasting long enough to make resuscitation necessary always damages the brain. . . . A great many human infants have to be resuscitated at birth. We assume that their brains, too, have been damaged. There is reason to believe that the number of human beings in the U.S. with minimal brain damage due to asphyxia at birth is much larger than has been thought. Perhaps it is time to reexamine current practices of childbirth with a view to avoiding conditions that give rise to asphyxia." (Pearce, J.C., Magical Child, Chapter 6, 'Time Bomb', page 50, ISBN 0-452-26789-7, 1977).

  65. Pearce began this Chapter, Time Bomb, p. 41, with this quotation:

  66. "All the anxiety-ridden fallacies of our day seem to congregate in the hospital delivery room, where they bring about a disaster that remains largely undetected because it works like a time bomb. None of the parties to the crime ever has to pay, for the explosion takes place in slow fusion over the years and creates such widespread and diverse havoc that few bother to trace it back to see who lit the fuse."

  67. Generally, when a teacher asks a parent of a problematic child, having either or both learning and behavior problems, "Was there any difficulty at birth?" The response may be "No" because the birth was not a c-section and the child was full term. The parents were taking home, apparently, a normal looking infant. But this infant was not told to the mother or the natural father if he were tested for anemia as a result of early umbilical cord clamping. The child's revival may be subtle, like as minor as holding the baby upside down and spanking the child on his or her buttocks or flicking the feet to get the child to breathe. They may use drugs, as well, in order to simulate the child. So many children, about one in sixteen births, as to statistics estimated in Canada, will be taken to the Revival Intensive Care Wards. This is an additional cost to society, over and above the doctor's delivery fee. This delivery fee is often a set fee and not set to the time period of care. The only preventions that are being supported by the government's Chief Medical Advisory Group - are injections and the only cures are drugs.

  68. Generally, the ritual or afterbirth care of the newborn infant is to get the child out of the way as quickly as possible. The trend is hasty umbilical cord tying, or clamping off the inflow of placenta blood before the placenta is birthed, and all pulsation in the cord ceases. The cord would be white, silver, flat, and limp and not pulsating. The early clamped cord is red, firm, and pulsating.

  69. The proper time period before cord clamping was stated in the 1940 Anemia Report of Dr. Windle. That time period is ten to 20 minutes delay in cord clamping. But the doctors do not benefit financially of giving this extra time, as one explanation they do hasty clamping and as an element of surprise - their own discretion.

  70. Then comes the cosmetic removal, often involving the father of the child, the cutting off the cord. With the early cord clamping this is often a routine of panic in the birth room and the struggling infant, to continue to breathe, is then sent to a revival unit. There in the Intensive Care Ward, the infant or infants may be given oxygen and some blood infusion or liquid infusion. This is in an attempt to now avoid shock, the systems shutting down, and the death of the infant or infants.

  71. As a birth researcher, I conclude in my opinion, that the early umbilical cord clamping has been used to seek blood from the infants. This is because it is likely safer blood, the least diseased. Once it is in the possession of the medical person or their institution, they have their own policies for the human cells, once extracted, to be sold. Payment is also in the collection from the placenta and the cord. The ritual and the profits, involving the appointed Administration Board and the Regional Health District, involving the Provincial, State, or even the Federal level of government, is a breach of trust. When the Medical groups are considered a private enterprise, the governments are reluctant to involve an Audit by their Auditor Generals on this issue of selling the minor's blood or cells.

  72. What could have caused our trusted local doctors to breach the natural parents' trust? This is the fact that early clamping in the hospital allows for costly revival and the child is sent home revived and alive. With no local investigation of child endangering it is expected that the doctors will not confess their contribution of endangering another's child.

  73. Midwives Under Fire:

  74. This is because the various medical groups, including midwives, have been or are using as their defense, other medical persons baby experiments, all peer reviewed, to set up a standard of care*. They intend to use any publication of Active Management to justify what they impose, generally, as an element of surprise on their own patient(s). They also use their expert's policy, such as are identified the Obstetrician, Gynecologists, and Pediatricians who approve the standard of care to be early umbilical cord interferences. Such one example involving midwives or their professional university instructors on midwifery include this ever reviewed report, * Effect of timing of umbilical cord clamping of term infants on maternal and neonatal outcomes, Susan J. McDonald, Midwifery Professional Unit, La Trobe University/Mercy Hospital for Women, Heideberg, Australia. Philippa Middleton, Australian Research Centre for Health of Women and Babies, Discipline of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, The University of Adelaide, Adelaide, Australia, reference url: Last visited, 2/12/2010.

  75. The difference of these human baby experiments and the 1940 W. F. Windle report is the Windle Anemia report actually had at least 25 babies who did not have any cord clamping until after the placenta was birthed and all pulsation had ceased, and these infants proved to be the healthier and the strongest of babies compared to those babies clamped within seconds or a few minutes after birth. The stronger babies had 10 or more minutes on the unclamped cord. The S. J. McDonald report only had babies delayed clamped by under 120 minutes, not even two minutes for all those involved in comparison reports to those infants, full term, clamped within 30 seconds or instantly. The delay of two minutes or less was being called 'physiological management' and the instant or 30-second cord clamped babies is called, a term coined, I believe in Ireland, Active Management. There were no true reports of an actual group of babies who were not drugged and not clamped, at all, the Lotus Birth or Primal and Natural Birth choice offered to any of the birthing women.

  76. My comments on this Cochrane Collaboration Group, published by John Wiley & Sons, Ltd, are not favorable. This is because some of the reviews being used were missing the Apgar Test results of early clamped infants. Also missing, and this will be found consistent in other human infant experiments on early cord clamping and drugs used, is how much blood was sought from the placenta and the cord. The integrity of the 1940 Anemia report indicated from 50 ccs to over 200 ccs taken from the placenta that had been clamped under ten minutes and before the placenta was birthed and all pulsation had ceased. The more current baby experiments on cord clamping and the variety of drugs used to deliver a child leave out this information. This is true whether the delivery is for a premature child, or a full term child.

  77. Often the reader is not informed of the sex, weight of the infant, and the altitude they were born. They are often not told in which group deaths may have happened - the preterm infants and the full term children. Often if human baby experiments of this nature, such deaths or need of lengthy revival are omitted from the report. The results only state favorable results, that is sending home a living child. That living child, like the report of Pearce indicated, would be a time bomb and the latent school problems will not be then associated to the birth choices of the medical aid person or persons.

  78. The absence of a true third control group of no clamped babies, or no drugged infants is questionable to the integrity of the more current reports on human baby experiments. Such missing data may be assumed or associated with the motive that the intent was always to harvest the infants for the child's human cells, in the placenta contents, the membrane, and the umbilical cord. The victims are all the infants, and there were close to 3000 babies experimented on this S. J. McDonald's review. They were not given the right to be clamped only after the placenta was birthed using the ten-minute guideline of Dr. William F. Windle, back in 1940.

  79. Exploiting the Human Female Body - to Harvest Her Child's Cultural Placenta Cells for Research:

  80. It the opinion of Donna Young, that most all those involved in the actual human baby experiments would likely have a stakeholder's interest or their institution's in the collection of cells, for a fee; and in their stakeholder's interest in the selling of the harvested infant's cells.

  81. This is certainly an exploitation of the women involved. It is certainly a collusion of men and women and some publishers to have the mother's body used to produce cells they have a financial stakeholders' interest in.

  82. World Health Organization - What Of Their Silence?:

  83. Why do we not have the World Health Organization (WHO) dealing with the equal rights of all infants to have a primal and natural birth allowance in all institutions, anywhere in the World? Is WHO so controlled by the financial interest groups they remain silent on the women being manipulated, and not educated to know their rights in a Signed Birth Contract that their infant will have full revival on the untied umbilical cord? This is the right to be born Equal - An Equal Chance to be normal and to meet the challenges of the world- to compete in a healthy body - not impaired by lack of oxygen to the brain cells, the central nervous system, and not to be caused subtle to serious impairments, internally. There must be some justice on this Planet Earth that will begin to STOP the falsehoods disguised in the so-called-best evidence reports. They are really a legal-defense - this document allowed me to use this as a standard of care and my own choice of cord tying at my own discretion - is the attitude of most birthing aid persons aiding in the afterbirth care to the infant. The birthing process then is giving undisclosed opportunity to the medical aid person to seek compensation for their collection of human cells. This is an undisclosed conflict of interest in their choice of care to any one child.

  84. Lotus Birth:

  85. The natural primal birth is, today, referred to as the Lotus Birth, after Claire Lotus Day. This is all women's right and choice for getting back to a true primal and natural birth process. That means there are no blood samples taken from the healthy child. Such seeking of blood samples is yet seen done for those women having a Lotus Birth.

  86. The birth aid is seen inserting a syringe needle in the unclamped umbilical cord drawing out as much blood as he/she desires. This yet risks the child to blood infections and there is yet an invasion of genetic information getting into the hands of some of the private labs.

  87. Consent by False Pretenses - The Use of Fear Factors:

  88. There is also known for midwives, and the medical aid person(s) to use or to allege a benefit of the child which are really just imaginative medical fear factors. Some examples, are: The fearing of too much blood to the infant or too fast flowing blood, or the need to be clamping off the first born to prepare for the second child to be born, and even the cord is too long or too short. There has been used an alleged claim the cord clamping must be done for a benefit to the mother by stating the aid fears she may bleed. This is when there is no evidence the mother was anemic, or was bleeding at the time the child was being imposed on for early cord clamping.

  89. These pretenses of good for doing harm are just some of the many more fear statements which have been used for the medical aid person to have control over the birthing outcome to both the mother and the child. Remember, the early cord clamping is always clamping before the placenta is birthed and all pulsation in the cord has ceased. Often the cord clamping is being done while chilling the child, exposing the child to lowered infusion of the placenta blood by hypothermia setting in. Or that they held the child, deliberately, above the placenta to actually cause more of the infant's umbilical blood to flow back into the placenta - which is planned beforehand, for harvesting.

  90. Registration at Cord Blood Banks by Institutions and/or the Medical Persons who Harvest the Placenta Blood:

  91. All medical persons are required by the private cord blood banks to be Registered with them. This is to qualify that they are not going to contaminate the blood being sent in for harvesting of stem cells, or other properties of the whole blood.

  92. These private blood banks, operating world wide, may or not give out the number of Obstetricians, Gynecologist, Pediatricians, Midwives, Registered Obstetric Nurses, registered with them to send in placenta blood collections, and for a collection fee. That collection fee is on the amount of blood sent in, and the quality of the blood and extracted stem cells. Registered will be also the M.D. and the Surgeons, and their Institutions where the offense to the infant took place. Institutions, once they have the placenta contents in their possession, too, can send in the collection for fees.

  93. There is No Legal Informed Consent - If the Consent Was Obtained by False Pretenses - which includes no harm to the infant - when the Infant may be tested and found anemic after Early Cord Clamping:

  94. Any parental consent given by those using these fear statements obtained consent by a false pretense. This is not legal or true informed consent. This is because there was no substance in reality by those imposing early umbilical cord clamping. The medical persons were being devious. Many were planning a legal defense by using such reports of S. McDonald as a standard of care. I did not read on this report, this study was not to be taken or used as a standard of care.

  95. There may be life-long internal injury to any one of these 1000's of babies by the interfering with the blood infusion from the child's hopeline and the child's quality life-line. All were being tied or clamped off. It is unlikely that the children will ever know of this violation to them - their blood sought and used by no knowledge of their guardians, both parents. The child, as stated in the W. F. Windle anemia report, would be likely found anemic by the facts they were limited in their quantity of red cells. This is acknowledge to some degree in all early clamped infants and more so to the infants instantly clamped, or within 30 seconds.

  96. The medical person's fear factors will not likely be found evident at the time the doctor or the other birth aids were choosing his or her own discretion to do the early umbilical cord clamping, or instant clamping.

  97. This will be found true of most all Emergency Birth situations who may be aided by a person with a Certificate in First Aid. They are also being currently trained to tie off the cord, or clamp it off before the placenta is birthed. Sometimes, they do so without a sterilized instrument or string. They may be using a questionable Manual. Ambulance medics are supposed to have a proper Emergency Birth Kit of sterilized gloves, string, knife, medicines. If the medic gets information from calling 9-1-1, the Emergency Birth Dispatcher may also instruct to tie off the umbilical cord as fast as possible, and this will be regardless of sanitation means to do any operative step.

  98. This ritual or trend to teach any hasty clamping is always told to the birthing mother, a must protocol, that the medical aid has to follow - the instructions being in their First Aid Manual. The training of the aiding person is never to do any of their own intensive research. For Liability Insurance purposes, or this has been alleged, they are not permitted to question their instructions. They must follow them, blindly. Therefore, they may not be able to share the child who must be early clamped may go into blood deprivation shock, and it may die, or live as a weakened infant, after early umbilical cord tying.

  99. Is the Oath of Hippocrates of Value Today?

  100. The Oath of Secrecy on medical crafts and the sciences involves the first few paragraphs of The Oath of Hippocrates, to quote, and the Oath may be an offense to non-believers of any god or gods:

  101. "I swear by Apollo, the physician, and Asclepius and Health and All-Heal and all the gods and goddesses that, according to my ability and judgment, I will keep this oath and stipulation:

  102. To reckon him who taught me this art equally dear to me as my parents, to share my substance with him . . . I will impart a knowledge of the art to my own sons and to those of my teachers, and to disciples bound by a stipulation and oath, according to the law of medicine, but to none others."

  103. We must regard this Oath as questionable for any private organized group to put their Oath or alleged Medical Law above the Law of the Nation, the Constitutional Rights of Equal Protection and Security of Person to the newborn citizen. This is on the belief that no private organized medical group may put their craft or art to be above the laws that others must respect to not cause injuries to another. This is whether or not that injury results in a death, but can be found to have caused bodily harm. Anemia is the evidence doctors, and others aiding in a child's after birth care, and clamped off, hand-squeezed off, or tied off a functioning organ were doing so at their own discretion. They were doing this as an element of surprise and not with true informed consent of the known risks to the infant or infants, and in some instances, to the birthing mother.

  104. Many of the mothers, trusting their local communities' health services were never told or warned about the dangers of the trends, policies, or customs, or habits of doctors means of seeking extra billings for sending the placenta blood to private or public cord blood banks. The parents were not informed that once human cells were in another's possession they could not know all the possibilities of privacy invasion of Genetic Codes to the child's sex or race or mixed race, once genetic information is sent to others. The intent of the local hospital was to allow the freedom of discretion of the local doctor or doctor to do the choosing whose infant's blood would be sought and/or wasted, or otherwise, donated to another's cause.

  105. Does the Oath of Hippocrates Have an Implied Threat?

  106. The threat to each and every doctor to any unknown to the public at large, other stipulations, fear of their deaths, for example, this is their blessing or threat, as the Oath continues, "While I continue to keep this oath unviolated may it be granted to me to enjoy life and the practice of the art, respected by all men at all times but should I trespass and violate this oath, may the reverse be my lot."

  107. If one reviews the threat to some doctors who have gone public on harmful trends, drugs, equipment or trends, there are thousands, dating back into hundreds of years ago, that organized medical groups can cause them financial problems or end their careers. The history of Dr. Ignaz Phillpp Semmelweis being harmed back in the mid 1800's is just one past example. Current examples may be found on the Internet, the only public tool to access information, in a non-biased way.

  108. In Semmelweis time, he used logic of comparison of babies being touched in a dirty environment and their mother's, too, for them to get blood infections. In the year Semmelweis died, 1865, Joseph Lister proved pathogens caused fifty percent of deaths of those patients operated on, or cut. One in twelve women in birth died or their infants for the same environmental exposure to bacteria carried on the clothing, or on the hands of birth aids. Generally, midwives who did not touch the dead and who were not active in institutional deaths did not cause as many deaths as did a doctor coming from the dead or the sick.

  109. Science Facts - what is Observed, Compared, Tested, and/or Measurable:

  110. What was the duty of this oath? Hippocrates believed only in facts. As a birth researcher of reliable information as to Anemia caused infant by early cord clamping, the facts speak for themselves. The evidence of causing weaker infants by early or immediate cord clamping has the known facts of lower blood infusion, causing testable anemic children. The duty is a fine to those institutions or researchers who were consistently ignoring the evidence - weaker infants who were exploited to seek their placenta blood and for profits to the institutions where this is permitted on their premises.

  111. The duty of the Court - the Criminal, the Constitutional or the Civil Court - is believed to allow for a fine if judgment is given against the policy makers. These are the group of men and women, and this may include the Perinatal Committees governing policies on infants per City or State, who dictated routinely done and/or for all babies any early umbilical cord clamping, tying-off the pulsating cord, or finger-thumb-squeezing off the inflow of blood for even 10 or 20 seconds.

  112. These are instructors who of the known evidence and facts were saying this early clamping was good for babies, and were allowing the procedures to be done without true informed consent of the natural father or the natural mother. And there was the secret taking their infant's placenta blood (they often put down as Chemical Samples for transportation purposes) for their own profits. Such human cells, always separated into various components, were to be sold as blood sample collections, to be used by the institution or to be sent to a variety of private or public blood banks. This is always a local issue.

  113. The duty is to take the issue to the local Court for a remedy, a fine, and to Stop the harmful trends. This is best done in a Criminal Court to stop on-going false reasoning that doctors have used to excuse their participation in any early cord clamping. The false reasons must be heard in the Court room for judgment - are the reasons logical or not? What was the evidence at the time of early cord clamping or was it just a discretional choice of the medical person aiding in the after birth care of the infant or infants?

  114. All Members Pay An Institutional or Corporation or Society's Judgment Fine:

  115. By the Court fining the large medical societies, and/or the Medical Colleges, for wanton disregard of known facts or truths, the members through their membership fees pay the fine. The members, locally, who were silent on the weakening of any one child to have a likely learning disorder, can help pay on a city level for the ongoing medical services to the now impaired infant and to help with their ongoing special education. The duty is to fine those most accountable and responsible for continuation of harmful medical trends.

  116. Last but not least, the charges may be to the individual directors of any medical society who knowingly blocked objections brought to their attention of the known harmful trends being taught the members of any one medical group. That these individuals of wanton disregard of truth and if found guilty what was visual, testable, and measurable, and a reportable offense, could be subject to fines, or even a penalty of a criminal jail term.

  117. This is a medical person aiding or abetting by failure to stop wrongful trends that are putting any one minor, a newborn child, in harm's way.

  118. It would be justice to give this director, or Medical College Registrar, jointly or severally, a jail sentence, plus any of the above penalties, too.

  119. In Canada, the charges may be in the Canadian Criminal Code Section, called Common Nuisance, Section 180. This Section 180 was attempted to be used to charge the former Canadian Red Cross for criminal negligence in the use of known contaminated blood that came from sick United States' prisoners. References are to the Krever Report, on line and the R.C.M.P. Blood Task Force).

  120. Men and Women of the Professional Medical Services are Equal to Court Penalties:

  121. The Registered Nurses or Obstetric Nurses: In the past, women have been given special consideration as to being thought the weaker sex. Women have, today, equal responsibilities to be held accountable for any silence they should not have been silent on. The Professional nurses were informed in their own Lippincott Manual of Nursing Practice, that the measurable amount of blood deprived the infant if the cord was clamped while pulsating, was up to 60 percent. If they had this Manual, the R.N.s and/or the Obstetric Nurses had a duty to seek a union representative to not take part in putting any child in harm's way. They also had a believed standard of care to report any harmful trend they knew was going on in their local community. (LMNP, page 1161, 7th edition, year 2001).

  122. Medical-Truths means Accountability and Responsibility to those Providing Services to the Public:

  123. The medical professional persons knew their responsibilities. The ethical chemists have always known mercury, in any form, is a poison and it should not enter the human body. The police officials, by their own Oath and knowledge in criminal law do know what a patient's true informed consent means, and what insults would be to a minor child, risking the child to have bodily harm no matter who may do that. An assault is the threat of it, which may be the teachings in the medical policies changed from the best practice of due diligence. They know their duty of investigation, no matter who it is not doing due diligence - an elected official in the area, or to the various professional status persons instructing in negligent procedures or protocols.

  124. As to the drug manufacturers and their employees, the chemists, they always knew about the dangers of heavy atoms, such are found in lead and other heavy metal atoms. The use of heavy metals in medicine is likely a contributing factor that has followed the corrupted early umbilical clamping depriving the infant of adequate volume of oxygenated whole blood. These weaker children with so few red cells would be the most vulnerable to latent disorders, while they looked, apparently normal. It is a logical question, "How can the infants fight viruses or diseases when they have lowered the amount of red cells to carry oxygen to the distressed body cells?"

  125. The duty to review all medical trends was to many authorities as to their duties once they were contacted. The government is responsible for any employee disregarding a concern to have been brought to the attention of the elected official. If the employee was not a good person and ignored the issue, the Government is yet responsible for what they did as their agent.

  126. There are known contributing factors in weakening a citizen-child. There was a shared duty of prevention by informing the public of harmful trends. This is combined missing information in the education system, regarding proper protection in conceiving a child, to prenatal and after birth care. Prevention meant much more than injections, and some of which were of a questionable solution. When there was no prevention it was likely because those in authority choose not to investigate and/or say or do anything. Do they have vicarious liability for that human failing? I believe so.

  127. The Private Medical Societies yet Cover-Up of Preventable Infant Risk Taking:

  128. Regarding the private and not-for-profit groups, such as the autistic groups, I am of the opinion if the amount of autistic children is lessened this will likely reduce donations and income. And, the need for government grants for continued operation will come to a halt by fewer victims being caused autistic syndromes because early umbilical cord clamping and the poisoning of the infant's body by some questionable ingredients or additives in vaccinations has become or ought to become a criminal offense to the child.

  129. Prevention may only happen by the charging the medical persons with a crime against the person causing testable bodily harm. This is because they have not gone public when they have the means to do so, how prevention can be achieved. They have yet allowed to be followed the corrupted policies which are now world wide. The best evidence can be quickly confirmed, by the early umbilical cord clamping by testing for a low red cell count - anemia. This is after a medical person caused this anemic condition by choosing to impose the early clamping off the inflow of the placenta blood. This is the test for bringing about a criminal assault on the child by prevention of the child's own placenta blood being infused into his or her body.

  130. Anemia Caused to Infants by Early Umbilical Cord Clamping Directives or Policies Approved by a Variety of World Wide Expert Groups, like the Obstetricians and Gynecologists, generally, the Communities' leaders of local medical standards of care.

  131. The risk factors were always known by the medical groups by testable means, measurable means, and often by visuals means. The following are some quotations from the Anemia Report of Dr. William F. Windle, American Academy of Pediatrics, Tenth Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Pediatrics, Memphis, Tenn.-Nov. 18-20, 1940, "Round Table Discussion on Anemias of Infancy":

  132. p. 541, "From 50 to more than 200 c.c. of blood have been recovered from placentas for "blood banks." It was found that the average amount of blood in the placental vessels in one series of 120 cases was 105 c.c."

  133. P. 546, "In view of the facts that the placenta contains one-fifth to one-fourth of the total fetal blood at birth and that all this blood does not pass into the infant at birth until after uterine contractions have had chance to compress the placenta, we believe that the rather common practice of promptly clamping the cord at birth should be condemned. Of course, this will make it impossible to salvage placental blood for blood banks." However, the collection of usable quantities of placental blood robs the newborn infant of blood which belongs to him and which he retrieves under natural conditions."

  134. P.546, "Immediate clamping of the cord is comparable to submitting the infant to a rather severe hemorrhage."

  135. P.546, "It appears to result in increased erythropoiesis which is reflected in an increase in circulating reticulocytes."

  136. Erythropoiesis and reticulocytes are the Greek words meaning red for the red cells, and reticulocytes are the yet undeveloped or immature red cells. If these immature red cells yet have the nucleus in them they cannot carry as much oxygen as the smaller red cells without the nucleus in them. It is my opinion that the reticulocytes are what are called the stem cells of the red blood. Many babies in the recovery rooms are sought of blood samples to cause more serious anemic conditions that they have to have blood infusions before they are sent home, lest they die in the recovery room.

  137. The reference of this concern is reported in my studies in my article found at The organizations who may also have liability for allowing harvesting of the infant's placenta blood by questionable policies are also named. A serious medical person would take the time to review these named references of my studies. It is my hope these medical papers will be used in a forth coming Public Commissioned Inquiry or to be used in a criminal court for a fine to the organized medical groups who have in the past refused to do due diligence of care in stopping abusive policies from continuance. This is when the evidence today confirms the past harmful trends. This is what is testable, visual, and measurable facts of medical science.

  138. Some Other Topics to be continued for the serious reader - Signed Birth Contracts, Civil Case-Laws:

  139. Case-laws of birthed injured infants from known and observed umbilical cord compression.

  140. Medical Reports alleged to be used as 'best evidence' come from some midwife instructors who promote women to be actively managed and in the after birth care of the infant or infants. Many of the human experiments involving some midwives, doctors, and R.N.s, have not allowed a choice for primal or natural birth, today, called a Lotus Birth. The informed choice in the past, has not allowed for the pregnant woman to have or seek a signed Birth Contract for the women's choices to be legally complied with for a Lotus Birth or otherwise, a primal natural birth option.

  141. A Birth Contract would be similar to a Hospital's imposed waiver that merely states, the woman must accept 'appropriate care' once she enters on their premises. They often give a form, too, for "appropriate discarding of tissues or organs." This does not clearly state to whom the tissues will be sent to or how they may be used, if not witnessed burned.

  142. In reality, the woman is taking responsibilities for her own care and the after birth care of her child. She will accept these responsibilities regardless because the woman, generally, is the one to care for the child, healthy or injured. This is true unless she gives up the child for adoption.

  143. Therefore, a signed Birth Contract will assist her in true informed consent what she will or not accept in the birth processes. Women have a legal right to enter contracts. The birth contract is to be signed by the local birth institution and all doctors or aids who may assist in the birthing process.

  144. Informed consent, as to this Birth Contract, is only if the woman has had the full and complete truth so she can make for safe choices. The local communities' health services or schools may not offer the whole truth. However, her questions must be answered in truth and all the risks known.

  145. All birth information must be truthful without forcing the woman to accept questionable protocols in the local area. Such as forcing her to allow blood samples taken from the baby's private placenta, the membranes, or the cord; or from the baby's person.

  146. The information, the whole truth, may or ought to come from a certified Doula, the certified prenatal class instructor, the certified midwife, and or the family physician. They all have the means to get the information and in a timely manner for the woman to give informed consent of any procedures, scans, testing and so forth. She must be told she may decline any or all such services.

  147. Any and all of these working professional persons have an implied and moral duty not to misguide the woman's right to know so she may seek the least risk of birthing processes in her home, and particularly so, if the safest choice is not available in the local private or public birth center or hospital. This may even be for a multiple birth. We know that back in 1934, the first quintuplets to live more than a few hours, were the Dionne sisters. They were a home birth, born in Callander, Ontario, Canada. And the delivery was performed by a modest family physician with the aid of a nurse. All five children had reasonable or normal health and two yet remain alive, to my last research.

  148. The home birth may be a necessity if the local institution or one in a larger center is a threat to the woman by not allowing a signed birth contract of informed consent of the birthing mother. The present perinatal committee's approval of present but questionable trends for allowing or encouraging early umbilical cord clamping may be the cause of concern, or the policy set by any other organized medical groups, such as the expert group, the Obstetricians and the Gynecologists. Such questionable protocols are bulletins of ACOG, and those birthing policies of SOGC. These two organizations have taught as a mandatory teaching early and instant umbilical cord clamping. I know of no medical students who have gone public that the teachings are harmful to any child this early clamping is imposed on.

  149. The support for such trends is always connected to some current or past research being stated as best evidence. However, what is commonly missing is a third control group to compare to infants early clamped, and who were often drugged. This is the control group missing of the infants whose mother may legally opt for no umbilical clamping or cutting off the umbilical cord from the placenta. What the research includes is various experiments with drugs and various time schedules of early umbilical cord clamping before the placenta is birthed. These research studies are almost all absent in the amount of blood then sought from both the placenta and the cord. The absence of such information is highly questionable to the moral duty that nothing of this nature is missing from reports expected to set a standard of care or any defense to be used in the legal system, often called a report of best evidence.

  150. Gender Bias to Women:

  151. Serious consequences to both the mother and the infant to be born may result if the woman is being pressured to believe that she must submit to any medical person's authority who is licensed to attend an infant's birth in the local community. Or, that she is being forced to submit, by the influence of the Federal or States' Social Family Services to an operation, a C-section, or any other cutting of her body to give birth. Or, she must consent to some other form of technology, or tests, or even X-rays or scanning of her fetus. A birth contract signed will protect the woman of such threats or abuse by those in authority in the local area. A Court Judge can referee the intent of threat by these higher members of society who wish to control and rule over the pregnant woman's person or choice.

  152. While some women, many with a cultural conditioning in religion, will obey their local service medical groups and not question them, there will be always some women who may object to having to submit to a medical protocol or policy of any kind that is dictating the touching of her body by either a male or female. This is if she prefers, even in an institution, to have a hand's off birth and her choice of a witness present. And that choice to have a primal and natural birth in such a local institution is legal and by a signed Birth Contract.

  153. To protect herself, the mother may have to seclude herself, and this is dangerous to prevent others for alarming or hurting her, rather then assisting her, only if she requests any help, and how to best aid or assist in the child's birth. The same fear is to the birthing women as was to women who faced a decision to have an abortion in a back alley rather then for a safer option in a medically approved clinic, if she believed abortion was her only alternative to end the fetus life, or the embryo.

  154. The suggestion here is reproduction and the birth of the fetus may include gender bias as only women can conceive a child and birth that child. We must consider that there may be a male dominance and dictates that are not honorable in a democratic society or one so deemed civilized.

  155. Being Pregnant is not an Illness:

  156. While a mother may have an illness, being pregnant is not an illness or a disorder. Nor is the birthing of a fetus always requiring an operative procedure. And the facts are, many women can birth naturally and without any interventions and this is their legal right to attempt this in a suitable environment. It is legal for the woman to enter a signed Birth Contract what is or not done to her person or in order to protect her newborn's after birth care to be a true benefit to the infant's equality of protection and his or her security of person.

  157. The pregnant woman's choices are legal even if she may die or that of the fetus or fetuses, according to the highest Appeal Court of London, UK. The Court ruled that not even a Judge could order a woman's body to be cut, even to save or spare the fetus's life inside her, or her own life. If the mother said "No" to the suggestion she have a C-section that is what must be witnessed and honored, even if the woman is deemed mentally unfit to decide. It is yet her right to choose.

  158. The duty is to also to protect the minor's security of person in the genetic codes, that no cells of the after birth are sought for research, cloning, or transplanting or use in pathology studies without the consent of the natural parents. This would be an invasion of privacy.

  159. The father's rights to decline his side of the genetic information is his legal right to not allow the born infant's tissues sought, too. That is being protective of the infant's own DNA codes and property as to blood. True informed consent by surrogate authority must be that - informed consent.

  160. Who Is to Pay For the Elective C-Sections (On Demand) and Not of a True Medical Need?:

  161. C-sections: Women may have a legal right of choice to risk an operative procedure, too, a C-section, but their cost to society for unnecessary operations is an issue who pays for the higher operative costs, if they are only an elective choice, not an emergency or health situation.

  162. The C-sections, today, are now alleged to be one in four pregnancies. Many of these are repeat C-sections, once a C-section always a C-section, to the choice of the medical surgeon. However, a Vaginal Birth After a C-section are deemed safe, too. While many women have had repeated C-sections, alleged to be more than 12, (For one example, the famous Kennedy family), it is yet a major operation and has yet the highest consequences to both the mother and the infant, more so, then a Vaginal birth choice. The highest number of C-sections, back in the late 1930's was 19. This was being stated in the Catholic Encyclopedia. I have not had the chance to personally confirm that statement.

  163. The woman is wise to have any of her questions given in a written reply or witnessed by a personal friend and her spouse. In this way the woman can have a witness should she want to reject any intents of the medical persons' services. This is if the intentional care makes the pregnant woman feel insecure or the after birth care of the infant or infants seems an invasive and an unnecessary procedure.

  164. Safer Birth Positions for a Vaginal Birth - Any that is off the back:

  165. The mother has a legal right to make her own choice for a safer and a more gentle birth options. This is for a supported gravity position, or to birth on her side, leaning forward, and not to be forced, ever, on her back, for a Vaginal birth. She may opt for a warm water birth rather than to accept any kind of medication during any stage of the labor of the birth process.

  166. The logic not to be forced to birth on one's back is because this position closes up the birth canal by up to 30 percent. This causes more pain, the risk of tearing, and is a risk to both the birthing mother and the infant. Such facts of the unsafe flat on the back birth position has been documented and known since the mid-1900's. The trend began when Louis XIV (1638-1715), who is said to have boasted, "L'etate c'est moi" ("I am the State" or the Divine Right of Kings), was sexually aroused by watching his mistresses bear his young. "Unable to see well enough because of the crouch or squat position (almost universally employed) he had his attendants make the poor women lie on their backs." * (*Notes, Pearce, J. C., Magical Child, page 234, Suzanne Arms Note #4, and from her book, the Immaculate Deception).

  167. The Chiropractors must be criticized if they, as an organization, have been silent on this harmful flat on the back birth position. This professional group would know the best position is forward leaning and placed on their side if the woman cannot be given support for a gravity birth position. Their academy's silence may involve their own business ethics. This may be the hope that their members will, someday, treat the mother or the infant of the injuries resulting from the harmful birth position. This was the actual explanation given to a Dawson Creek woman, named, Lorrie, why she had suffered, since her youth, headaches and backaches. She had told her chiropractor that her mother for her birth had labored for over 46 hours, and this was on her back. Many laboring women are required to remain in their beds after admittance to the local hospital. During that time period the mother in labor may not be given food or fluids. They are frequently subjected to the policies of the doctors'. This may include an enema and other rituals (like the shaving of their pubic hair or IV fluid injections) and the cutting of their body, which is often a policy of doing a standard of care, an episiotomy; this is the incision of the vulva alleged to facilitate childbirth. Such procedures are not routinely necessary for a primal-natural birth. These are the local and commonly imposed standard of care for a Vaginal birth if the birth is not an Elective C-section birth. Often the local hospitals have the woman or her spouse, if he is her legal Health Representative, sign a Hospital's Entrance form to allow the hospital's choice of what they have called, "Appropriate Care." This is, again, not true informed consent or the right to know the women may decline such services by a waiver or a signed Birth Contract what is not to be done to them or in the afterbirth care of the infant or infants. The discarding of the human cells is, again, not of true informed consent, the choice being then the local institution's or by the choice of the Provincial, State or Territorial law how the human cells, the afterbirth and the placenta blood, may be practically used or discarded.

  168. I know of one individual of this professional chiropractor group who has not been honoured for his Internet exposure of the harmful flat on the back Vaginal Birth position. This position has only being imposed for the convenience of the birth aid person. It is not a necessary position to the known safer options. The high operating table used for a Vaginal birth has also been an offense to the woman. She cannot move and she is often drugged (generally with consent but not of the true informed risks) from the waste down. This form of power and control over the women-in-birth is all being excused as being said a 'standard of care' or the 'medical policy approved' at the local institutions.

  169. Court Restraining Order on Known Risky Medical Protocols or Policies or Procedures:

  170. In the last resort, the expecting mother and her spouse may have to seek a Restraining and a Protective Order against the past or present intent of the local medical services as to their unchanging ways of their present standards of care. Or, to any larger birth center's hospital. It is always legal for any party to use the Protective Services of the Court.

  171. Asking Assistance from a Court:

  172. The use of the Court is not an Aggressive Action - it is a civilized and a legal means of having a referee assist in the protective care of the individual or a minor.

  173. The newborn citizen, in Canada, is protected while being born and to have his or her essentials of life provided for following their birth. Some countries, which may infer the United States of America, may give no viability to the infant in the womb or following his/her birth care, or to the exploitation of the baby for his or her placenta blood.

  174. Fair Comment:

  175. That the United States of America may be allowing, like Canada, for the organized medical and private business groups of men and women to seek the blood of babies. This is for profits and involves other Nations, as well.

  176. Are the government leaders morally accountable? I think so. The political leaders have every means for a Commissioned Public Inquiry and for Disciplinary Actions which are legal for them to use the Criminal Courts. This is for punishing those most accountable for lies and for making profits by causing internal weakness to the infants born - and this is true on a World Wide Scale.

  177. Who Owns the Minor or Infant's Blood?: The blood of the innocent is theirs and theirs alone - the babies have never had any duty or any obligation to share their blood for another's cause. They should not be exploited for an older sibling's needs, a natural parent's needs, or for any other family member or stranger's needs. They must be protected in the Court of Law. That is the perceived duty of the Court.

  178. Evidence Today of Compromised Infants Will be those Children Who Were Sent to the Intensive Care Wards:

  179. The evidence of children who were early cord clamping, assaulted, put to bodily harm, are the ones being revived in the Intensive Card Wards of the local medical institution, or those who were sent from a small community to be cared for in a larger hospital in a major Women's and Children's Hospital.

  180. The evidence which will be attempted to be not documented, as a standard of care, a duty by the Registered Nurses, will be how much blood was trapped in the placenta after early umbilical cord clamping. Was the evidence destroyed or not documented by the policy of the hospital or birth center where the birth took place? If so, is this not a criminal obstruction of justice?

  181. The evidence of when the cord was clamped and condition and appearance of the cord will be missing, proving an obstruction of justice of destroying evidence, or not documenting it in truth.

  182. Evidence of the Afterbirth Care:

  183. Regardless that the Administration Policies of the local hospital will attempt to block the information how soon the child's umbilical cord was clamped off, there will be evidence of bodily harm to the child. This will be to the blood test for anemia. This then qualifies the concern of the 1940 report of Dr. William F. Windle. The evidence, today, as in the past, will be the child is anemic hours and then days after the assault, battery and the crime of hasty umbilical cord clamping. The stress to the anemic child will be also found to release immature blood cells, the reticulocytes.

  184. The doctor or others, including midwives in the private homes, were following questionable protocols, rather then their duty of reporting such as unsafe medical teachings. The test of anemia will, with other witnesses in the birth room, will support the medical team had clamped off the umbilical cord and/or did not revive the infant on the untied cord. The procedure was imposed before the child was kept warm, wrapped head to toe, and before the placenta was birthed and all pulsation in the umbilical cord ceased.

  185. The children are being cared for, yes, but the criminal investigation needs to be done for the sending the child for the now medical need for revival. It is a duty required for a criminal negligence charge of those who were part of the trend of following through of any Medical Groups' bulletin or protocols of the head doctor or his/or her organization, that instructed for most all babies to be early cord clamped. They had to know the consequences and the motives of seeking the placenta blood for another's cause.

  186. For whatever reason this dictate of interruption of the placenta blood infusion was followed and not questioned is for the doctor, midwife, medic, policeman, fireman, or surgeon to provide. They were providing the early clamping and need to tell the Court who instructed them, or what Medical Manual they used to justify their decision, not sharing the consequences known in past medical textbooks.

  187. The court then rules if that person was a moral, ethical and a competent person to be in the birth room providing the afterbirth services for the infant or infants and did not report, as a duty, harmful teachings or publications. What was the test done to prove an opinion the placenta blood would be harmful for the child to have been naturally received? How could they then do an operative procedure without the facts present at the time a cosmetic operative step or amputation took place?

  188. Interruption of the placenta blood infusion does not make logical sense other then the blood has been knowingly sought to be sold. This is submitting the infant to a rather severe hemorrhage.

  189. What loving mother would have natural infusion of the placenta blood then watch some medical person syringe out of the child's body from 50 to over 200 ccs of blood that then sends the child to a revival center?

  190. What is the Science of Physiology?:

  191. It is not logical what the governments have allowed, endangering of the newborn child which is likely being approved by their own appointed Chief Medical Officer who may seek some support of various Perinatal Health Committees.

  192. Why is this unnatural early umbilical cord clamping going on anywhere on a World Wide Scale? This is with the known past and present knowledge that up to and over 250 c.c.s of the placenta blood is deprived the infant.

  193. The members of the upper societies, or higher educated class, were the most able to know that physiology is the science dealing with the normal and healthy functions of living things or their parts.

  194. It was unnatural for those involved in human baby experiments to be interrupting the infusion of the placenta blood into the infant's expanding lungs. They must have known the lungs take a lot of blood and like other organs and cells will be injured if that is stopped. The medical policies directing any early umbilical clamping, outside of the two evidences stated, must be regarded as criminal assault and abuse to the child, even if that child lived. If the infant dies, even after an effort to revive the child, the duty is yet to take criminal charges for the medical person's choice of putting that child in a situation he or she would be a weakened child - and they may die of the deprivation of their property - blood.

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